Raffle Ticket – A Good Source For Raising Funds

Raffle tickets, a game system originally from Italy, are common in fundraisers mostly due to their predictable nature and family friendly approach in comparison to lottery and gambling. Raffle tickets are simply tickets that have boxes in which numbers are imprinted in accordance to the numbers bought buy the customers. After purchase, a list of gifts are displayed and one-by-one, the gifts are given out in accordance to the number that is drawn from the tombola (small tickets containing numbers that are placed in a bucket to be drawn). Though the concept is similar to gambling and lottery, raffle tickets are unique mostly because it is less monetary oriented and focuses on prizes and most of the proceedings meant mostly for charity or fund raising.

Another obvious advantage for raffles ticket draws is that they are always legal and can be done anywhere as long as proceedings are meant for charity or for legal fund raising. This helps organizers of events to cut costs in legal application for running a raffle draw. Another interesting matter surrounding raffle is its cheap cost of operations. For any raffle draw, all you need is prizes, tickets and a date to draw the tickets. Since prizes are easily obtained, tickets can be sold in the thousands to ensure that more funds and profit can be made from it.

Here are a few more important things to know about raffles and the benefits fund raising events can get from running it:

Raffle ticket productions are cheap!

Raffle tickets can be as cheap as cut out pieces of paper with numbers written on them manually. For low budget fund raisers, there is no need for fancy tickets and expensive printings, rather, take the time to cut out colored papers and writing numbers on them to cut costs.

Prizes can be donated items or promotional items

Contacting local producers or companies to ask for financial endorsements or even for gifts are a common practice and can make up for expensive gift pricing. For example, approaching the Cola company for one or two crates of Cola or maybe some souvenirs in return of publicity will ensure that not only are you advertising for a branded company, you are also getting free prizes to give out, which then in return increases the profits per ticket sold.

Make promotional ticket bundle sales

Tickets can be sold at bundle prizes, for example, 7 tickets for the price of 5 tickets. This gives the customers the feeling of satisfaction as they believe that the more numbers they can get their hands on, the more chances they have for winning prizes. These bundle sales can also be combined with other item sales such as packaged sales. For example, purchase a lunch set of a hot dog, fries and drinks and get 2 free raffle tickets and a discount on 10 tickets. This will not only promote the sales of raffle tickets, but also boost the sales of intended sales item, if any are available. This makes for more profits via sales and indirect sales.

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